Raise your hand if you have heard that only 5% of marketing budgets are spent on content marketing in India or only one-third of marketers understand content marketing completely. Now put your hand down. If you are a marketer then this kind of looks crazy.

Most marketers find content curation or development of fresh content as the key challenge to overcome. If you hire an agency to do your content, chances are that 9 out of 10 times they turn around and contract a couple of freelancers to write your stuff. If you choose to work directly with freelancers then you don’t get bundled services including content and digital strategy.

If you lucky enough to find a content marketing agency then chances are that they don’t have an in-house team of subject matter experts to work on niche topics and rely on syndicated research or the brief from your product team to develop the content. Considering the huge market opportunity, even traditional media companies have also started providing advertorial services to larger brands. WSJ. Custom Studios and Media Net from Times of India offers advertorial services and use a mix of in-house and free-lance writers. You may alternately also choose to work with sites like Contently which is marketplace which helps brand┬ámanage a cadre of geo or topic-based journalists. The decision you have to make depends on how integral do you think content marketing is to your overall strategy.

Often non-adoption of content marketing is attributed to the absence of ROI (Return-On-Investment). There are different models to calculate the content’s value and depending upon what your goals are they defer. We particularly like Contently’s model of tracking ROI inside out”: 5 Rings of on Content Marketing ROI

As far as content dissemination channels are concerned social media still leads the pack followed by paid search, display and search engine optimization.  Channels that you choose need to map to the target audience and their needs to ensure that you get best results from content developed.

Social Content Optimization/audit is an ongoing process and is iterative by very nature. Edelman Digital Social Content Optimization process, marries SEO with the social layer, to ensure content the agency develops is relevant to audience needs and interests, is written in the vernacular that will resonate with the audience, is search engine friendly and widely shared online.



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