Search Engine Optimization offers numerous capabilities, that range from doing the keyword research and checking rank to acquisition and backlink analysis. As well as competitive intelligence, social signal integration, and workflow rights and roles. Most of the SEO platforms offer the following core capabilities:

  • Keyword analysis and research
  • Content optimization analysis
  • Page-level SEO analysis
  • Backlink Analysis
  • Enhancing Social signals
  • Site error detection
  • Organic search traffic market share
  • Competitive analysis
  • International search results and rank tracking
  • Internal crosslinking
  • APIs for data management and integration.

The below-stated factors discuss some of the capabilities and essential considerations involved while choosing an SEO platform:

Link analysis and acquisition

Links continue to be one of the most critical external or “off-the-page” signals that can help a website rise in search engine rankings. Factors such as Link analysis, link removal or building recommendations via competitive analysis, these are offered by many of the enterprise SEO platforms and other reports reveal opportunities for obtaining links as part of their base platforms.

Keyword research/rank analysis

Keyword research – knowing what terms people use to find your website, how they rank, and how to use those terms gathered in your copy – has been a pillar of effective SEO. Digitally all enterprise SEO platforms offer keyword research tools that enable marketers to discover the ways that consumers search for content, and what keywords are driving traffic for competitors. Vendors source this data differently, however.

Some vendors license data from point solutions or Internet Service Providers, because of the google’s limitations on scraped data within the AdWords terms of use and increase in the number of search results that are “keyword (not provided)” Other vendors develop and manage a proprietary database of keyword terms. As a result, reliable keyword data has become less of a commodity and more expensive.

Search intent-based analysis

Google’s search algorithms are focusing less on keyword matches and more on search intent. The Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird update all made keyword data less accessible to search marketers. To counter the lack of keyword data; SEO platform vendors are developing more “search intent” based tools that analyze search intent and predict or recommend the most relevant content for the searcher.

Social signal tracking and integration

Social media activity is an important ranking factor or signal in search engine algorithms and results. All enterprise SEO platforms track, measure, and integrate social signals into their analytics and dashboard reports. Websites or blogs that are capable of experiencing intense social sharing perform better in results of an organic search. Capabilities range from correlations and signal tracking to conversations and site traffic, as well ass sentiment analysis and social profile monitoring, and contact-relationship management. While most vendors do well at monitoring organic traffic, only a few currently track paid social activity.

Content marketing and analysis

SEO and content marketing have become closely aligned, as Google raises the content quality bar through developments like AMP, Rankbrain (Hummingbird), and Penguin. As a result, similar, regularly updated content has become crucial to SEO success. Many vendors have enhanced the content marketing and optimization capabilities of their respective SEO platforms and expanded the tool’s content marketing features. These include page management tools or APIs to monitor on-page content and errors, reports on content performance and traffic trends, influencer identification and campaign management and real-time content recommendations.

International search tracking

International search coverage has become a critical capability, as the global economy leads more U.S.-based enterprises to conduct business online and offline in multiple countries and languages. Effectively all enterprise SEO platforms considered to offer some level of international search coverage that crosses borders, communications, and alphabets. The capabilities include integrating global market and search volume data into the platform, as well as integrating comprehensive CPC currency data.

Custom site crawls/audits

With quality content becoming essential for many marketers’ SEO strategies, audits or site crawls are important tools offered by enterprise vendors.Few platforms provide optimization proposals for keywords, crawlability, and page structures, assigning scores and prioritizing for those factors as HTML heading tags, body tags meta tags. Most of the SEO platform vendors provide daily site crawls; others offer a weekly frequency. The tool should also crawl the entire site, not just random pages. Crawlers are increasingly being added to mobile-optimized and AMP pages as well.


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