Most bloggers tend to delay the decision of moving from blogger to self hosted WordPress due to several reasons. Here are top three reasons that I could think of:

  1. It’s expensive. Yes, it is you now have to pay for a domain name, hosting and may be any development related costs if required.
  2. I don’t want to lose my traffic and subscribers. If not done right, you will lose traffic.
  3. I’m too attached to the platform. Blogger is incredibly easy to use and so is self hosted WordPress.

Let’s face it delaying this decision is not going to help you. If you want to turn pro and want to scale your content, then moving to self-hosted WordPress is a critical move.

6 Steps to Migrate to Self Hosted WordPress:

#1 Buying a domain name: If you have decided on a name check for its availability and if not, then you have to think of a name that resonates with your content. Make sure that you block the domain name if it is available. Delaying to buy the domain name for a later date could prove to be a wrong decision. While choosing a domain name provider look for top-notch after-sales support. I had evaluated the following vendors: BigRock, Net4India, Hostgator & GoDaddy. Finally, choose BigRock to buy the domain name. If you are purchasing .com domain name I would recommend that you also buy .in & domain name.

#2 Choosing hosting provider: When choosing a hosting provider look for top-notch after-sales support and someone who offers 100% up time. Based on my research and everything that I could read up on the web Bluehost seemed like the ideal choice. If you are looking for comparisons, check this article from Sitegeek, and the discussions on Quora should also be helpful.

Buying Tip: If you are looking for a discount on purchase look for an affiliate of the hosting provider as they might be able to share with you a coupon code that offers at least 10% – 15% off. Couldn’t find an affiliate? Another hack is to google search for a coupon code. For example, I did search for Bluehost coupon code was shown a search advertisement offering 10% off on WordPress hosting.

#3 Setting up WordPress: After you have completed the purchase head to the manage web hosting and click on WordPress and click ‘Install.’ Yes, it’s that easy!

#4 Importing Content: For importing content from your blog you need to login to and click on ‘import blog’ under settings option. Save XML file on your desktop. (XML file stores the content that currently resides on your blog.). Under ‘Tools’ option on self hosted WordPress click on ‘Import’ and click on ‘Blogger.’ You will be asked to download a plugin. Once done you need to upload the XML file on the plugin, and you are ready to start.

#5 Implementing Google Analytics Tracking Code & Search Console: For Google Analytics you need to add ‘Google Analytics ID’ on the ‘Google Analytics by Yoast’ plugin and it re-authenticate your account before pasting the code onto your site. For reactivating your search console account code to pasted in the header from the account and then install ‘Yoast SEO’ which should help with getting this done.

#6 URL Redirection: Being a digital marketer doing a 301 redirect could be an extremely painful task however plugins from WordPress makes this piece of cake. You need to create a list of all your existing URL and then Install ‘Safe Redirect Manager’ plugin. The plugin will ask you to enter the existing URL and the new URL on which it has to be redirected. Make sure you always choose 301 redirects as the plugin has 302 redirects as default.

We are not done yet. Yes, there is lots to done, but mostly its hygiene checks to ensure that your new site doesn’t miss out on any traffic and is feature rich. For furthering reading, I recommend the below article which has helped me immensely in migrating digital uncovered to self hosted WordPress.

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