Andrea Fryear, Chief Content Officer, Fox Content during an Agile Marketing Workshop mentioned that “Our job is not to create content. Our job is to change the world of the people who consume it.” Each year, we see fresh, innovative and creative approaches to content marketing including personalization to give people right content at the right time. As we complete the first half of the year, we look back at some of the best content marketing campaigns of 2017.

Best Content Marketing Campaigns of 2017


Adobe acquired several years ago and launched a digital publication with the same name. today gets around 600K visits every month and is the go-to source for seniors leaders in marketing. With the site, Adobe clearly establishes itself as a thought leader in the marketing technology space.

The brand also acquired Behance a leading website for designers, illustrators, and architects. The site has over 50 million visits each month and also has a sister brand called 99U which provides inspiring & actionable content to the art & design community.


IBM launching its digital publication Think Marketing Hub earlier this year. Think Marketing analyses what the users are reading and how they are engaging with the content and then presents them with personalized content. IBM Watson powers Think Marketing Hub.

With Think Marketing Hub the brand is positioning itself as a marketing technology leader. The platform has thought-leadership articles along with videos and automatic demos – all Watson-served – will eventually lead to purchases.

Think Marketing


Intel IQ started as an employee-curated content experiment in 2012. Today the platform has over 3 million unique visitors and 18 distinct international sites. Each location provides tailor-made content for each market by a designated local editor.

The brand figured out earlier on that localizing content involves more than merely translating the text. The story structure, headline and distribution strategy varies for each site. To keep consistency in the content & treatment, Intel has published a 35-page document named the ‘IQ editorial bible.’ The document defines everything from tone and voice to detailed instructions on how to write articles.

Intel IQ


Adidas launched its content hub ‘Game Plan A’ last year. Game Plan A is a business lifestyle magazine focusing on topics in business, sports, and lifestyle. The platform replaced the earlier Group blog which the brand created in 2011. Today the platform has over 100K visits per month and unifies curated, contributed and editorial content.

The brand also gathers content from creators for the platform along with content created by its in-house content team.

Game Plan A

Airbnb Magazine

Airbnb launched its print magazine along with Hearst Publications in May this year. The magazine started with a guaranteed circulation of 3,50,000. Airbnb is leveraging vast pool of data when it comes to demand search points for every country in the world. For now, the magazine is print only.

Besides the magazine, the brand has been using guidebooks to provide personalized recommendations on destinations from locals around the world. Sweden leveraged the Airbnb platform for its campaign earlier this year which is covered widely by the media.


Unlimited UBS

UBS launched its content marketing platform Unlimited February this year. The brand partnered with Vice, Vanity Fair, The Future Laboratory, and Monocle. The platform uses a wide range of content formats to showcase opinions and viewpoints.

UBS is also experimenting with eight to ten-minute reads ignoring the conventional rule that people have shorter attention span. The platform gets over 100k visits every month.



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