The Internet has an unappeasable appetite for food content. Buzzfeed has built Tasty into a global brand in flat 18 months. Tasty’s video marketing strategy has inspired both brands and publishers alike.


Tasty’ has grown to become the largest contributor to brands video views. Tasty now accounts for 40% of Buzzfeed’s video views. Tasty’s Facebook page & YouTube channel have 75 million fans & 1.6 million subscribers. Buzzfeed has built ‘Tasty’ into a video juggernaut in flat 18 months starting July 2015.


In September 2015 Tasty became the 3rd largest video account on Facebook with 1.7 billion views. Tasty recorded a staggering 22.8 million views per user as per data released by Tubular Labs. Buzzfeed is not stopping at Tasty. The brand now has Proper Tasty for U.K,  Bien Tasty for Spanish Market and Tasty Miam for the French market. Tasty’s video marketing team also launched new formats & real-life experiences around the brand.

5 Ingredients Behind Tasty’s Video Marketing Strategy

So what drives engagement and views for the Tasty brand? The below ingredients have enabled Tasty’s rise as a video juggernaut.

Distributed Content

Buzzfeed has distributed its content by leveraging different platforms. In fact, half of its views come from platforms other than Buzzfeed’s website. Tasty gets a majority of its views from Facebook and reaches out to at least 500 million users every month. Of the 1.8 billion views that Tasty generated in September 2016 close to 1.6 billion came from Facebook. Tasty launched its YouTube channel in January 2015.

Niche Audience

Tasty’s content is for a niche audience. By using specialized niches, Buzzfeed is reaching a more fragmented set of readers. Tasty’s video marketing success is due to its impetus on sharing content.

Snackable Content

Tasty’s videos are usually under 9o seconds. The brand continues to experiment with long-form content. ‘Tasty Story’ with celebrity chefs Marcus Samuelsson & Martha Stewart was one such initiative.

Fixated over Stats

Alvin Zhou from Buzzfeed shares the process of how Tasty approaches its videos.

Tasty's Video Marketing Process

Buzzfeed team collects and analyses its content over certain parameters. One such stat is the share rate of a video. Share rate tracks how many people share a video with friends and family divided by the total number of views. As per Buzzfeed standards a well-performing video generates 1 to 3 percent share rate. Tasty’s video marketing team tracks this metric to improve its performance over time.

“We see shares as a better metric of success. Many people scroll by something on Facebook and watch it for a second or three seconds and then they drop off to something else. But someone who would watch it to the end and then share it is a great signal that that piece of content means something.”

Ashley McCollum, General Manager of Tasty

Create, Craft & Re-purpose

Tasty's Video Marketing

Tasty’s success lies in iterating fast and replicating the content for different platforms. Tasty has already launched its brand in U.K, Spanish, and French markets.


Also, Buzzfeed uses real-time data to iterate its content for different platforms. Building virality for the content seems to be the core of what the brand gets right with its audience.

Tasty is still in its initial days as Jonah Peretti, founder of Buzz feed says “The hardest part about a digital media company is the patience you need to build the scale and create a model for the future.”

Image source for Tasty’s video marketing process Adweek


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