If you had to find a common thread between all the brands that do well on social media. It will most likely be that all of them experiment with content on social media. As a marketer, you hustle to find new ways to improve engagement, increase followers and more.

Over the past few months, we have been looking out for brands that have experimented with individual content pieces.  We believe that the below ideas look incredibly simple in terms of execution but have been crafted really well to captures anyone’s attention.

Royal Dutch Airlines

Royal Dutch Airlines uses a combination of icons and numbers creating a math puzzle that it wants its followers to solve.


Economist quizzes its followers with a business fact from past financial year. What’s interesting is how the image itself provides an explanation to the answer on being enlarged.


Vox has been making waves when it comes to content on social, especially on Snapchat and Instagram.


BBC has been creating 15-second news content format for a while now on Instagram.


Ixigo was in new off late for its work with content. The below video content generated around 52 million views on Facebook. Ixigo has been churning out around 2 -4 video per month.


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