Facebook made $7.01 billion in revenues for Q3 2016. The platforms revenue model is made up of advertising and payments & other fees. The bulk of the revenues still come from advertising. With 1.79 billion users on Facebook, you certainly can’t keep the platform out of your media plan. Designing facebook ads is part of the daily routine for many marketers.

You can use the platform to drive traffic to your website, promote a certain call-to-action or directly promote your page to reach your audience. Facebook Ads Manager make it easy to run ads on the platform. Facebook also provides the adverts application on mobile to check your ad campaign performance on the go.

Facebook’s advertising platform supports multiple modes of payments including credit, debit card, and net banking which explains why its so easy to get started on the platform. If you have set-up a campaign on LinkedIn or Twitter, you certainly understand the complexities involved.

If you are a first timer when it comes to running ads on the platform, I recommend using the ads manager interface to set-up the campaign rather than using the promote page pop-up which appears if you click on any of the options under advertise your business.

Facebook has e-learning courses on Facebook blueprint and articles on Facebook business section on advertising on the platform.

Best Practices for Designing Facebook Ads

Begin with the objective

Always began with the objective of the campaign. Your objective for the campaign can range from driving discovery, generating leads, boosting sales or building loyalty. Identifying the objective will help you to align your content to achieve desired results.

Use of images

Facebook had its quality guidelines for using images. Facebook requires brands to use minimal text on top of pictures. So you got to stick with what’s important. Pick an interesting subject and shoot for quality. Pay close attention to angle and lighting. Check creative hub gallery from Facebook to be inspired.


Facebook has a character limit set of ads. Try to get the important stuff in the copy before it gets truncated. Write the copy with the consumer in mind and address their concerns, motivate them or simply entertain them. Remember people, scroll through Facebook newsfeed quickly so keep the short and brief as possible. Make sure that your tone of voice suits your brand’s persona.

Pick a Topic

Knowing what the theme of your ad is will help determine everything else. Story packs from Facebook are designed to inspire marketers to come up with new thoughts for ads.  Ideas could revolve around people, places, things, and news.  Another way of approaching your content strategy could be to look at Hero, Hub, Help strategy to design your content.


Targeting options could vary based on your objective hence be careful while choosing them. Basic targeting on Facebook allows you to target the core audience based on characteristics like age, location, interests, etc. Core audience targeting is useful if you are a start-up or a new brand. If you are an established brand then using custom audiences or look-alike audiences would be a more suitable alternative. Custom audiences allow you to upload your contact list and target the contacts to connect with you on Facebook. Look-alike audiences use your customer’s information to target people similar to them on Facebook.


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