Building a scalable website today seems unlikely without using a Content Management System. The tricky part, however, is figuring out which Content Management System would fit your needs. Identifying the right CMS for your brand has to be the number one activity on your checklist while building a website.

Content Management System market is highly fragmented, and it’s difficult to decide which platform to choose unless you have experience of implementing and using one.

One of the techniques that marketers and designers usually adopt is to figure out which Content Management System is the competition using or it could also be a website that you admire for its design and architecture.

Now the critical part is figuring out which CMS is a particular site using. We stumbled upon the following tools which can not only identify the CMS used but also provides a whole lot of data to understand what’s under the hood.


W3Techs identifies content management system, client side & server side programming language, break up of page elements including code snippets and images used. The platform can also detect the location of the server, domains used (gTLD & ccTLDs) and proxy service used if any.


Build with is another tool that helps you identify content management system but does a deeper drill down of every third party integration done on the site including payments and widgets used.

CMS Detector

CMS detector helps to identify a limited set of data for a website which includes the web server, framework, and language used.

Identifying the content management system is just the first step towards building a great internet site. Above tools are only 70% – 80% accurate but will be useful during your research phase to identify the right CMS for your brand



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