Everyone who works with WordPress code should have a set of good functional WordPress plugins for developers. Of course, it is a matter of taste. A code editor I need can be of no use for you and on the contrary. The majority of developers might dislike even the most popular services like GitHub.

This is the case when it comes to WordPress. You most likely have a set of tools, libraries and WordPress plugins for developers of your own you use creating topics, plugins and WordPress sites.

However, there are must-have plugins. This article is about 10 free must-have WordPress plugins for developers, which may improve your working process and manage to do more with WordPress.

  1. Developer

There is no better name for a plugin, which helps WordPress developers. Developer will help to install and optimize programming environment.

When it is activated, Developer will ask you about a type of your developments – plugin–, topics, etc. in accordance with your choice, this plugin will suggest you a list of other useful plugins you are to activate with one click only.

For example, if you are WordPress topic developer, Developer will offer you to activate Theme Check plugin and so on.

  1. Debug Bar

Debug bar is a simple plugin, which adds debugging menu in administrative panel. Debugging menu may be used in order to show useful debugging information, for example, data concerning request and cash.

Debug bar may monitor your MySQL requests, let alone PHP failure notifications.

  1. Query Monitor

Just like Debug Bar, Query Monitor is a debugging plugin for WordPress coders. However, it suggests more options than Debug Bar.

Query Monitor helps to look through all the current requests to data base, reduction rules, done hooks of the current request, errors and PHP warnings and even file name templates. Moreover, Query Monitor is one of the very few WordPress plugins for developers, which allow to follow AJAX calls, REST API requests and redirecting. If you work with WP REST API plugin, Query Monitor is going to be of much use for you.

  1. Styleguide

Styleguides makes it to where you can set  up fonts and shrifts in WordPress themes straight from Customizer. If you want to change your website from the outside without getting involved in the maze of codes Styleguide will become a perfect solution for you.

With Styleguides you can choose from Google Fonts, also different sets of symbols and fonts for installing your website. You may also add support of additional themes.

  1. Theme Check

Theme Check is the best friend of developers, very popular and useful plugin in this sphere. It allows testing your WordPress theme in accordance with the latest standards of code writing and practice.

You will be able to make sure that your WordPress theme complies with standards before sending it to repository. Therefore, you can make the chances of your theme to be put aside smaller let alone will keep up with the best methods of coding. Theme Check will help you to make sure that your WordPress themes are the best.

  1. User Switching

User Switching will help you to switch between user`s accounts with one click. If what you do requires managing many accounts or testing or fixing user`s opportunities and roles, this plugin is for you.

All you need to do is to click “Switch To” in user menu. You may swatch back to the main account but you will not be asked for a password. Naturally, that your main account is going to have administrator rights.

  1. Advanced CSS Editor

Advanced CSS Editor is a WordPress plugin for developers, which allows writing CSS code for different devices straight from Customizer. You might be puzzled what is so special about CSS code? Jetpack also allows you to add a user`s CSS!

Interestingly to know that Advanced CSS Editor allows you to add different CSS code for various devices. Therefore, you might have different CSS style for tablets, telephones, laptops and computers. Meaning your site to act differently on any of the devices. And one should not use many separate plugins.

  1. Regenerate Thumbnails

Regenerate Thumbnails is a simple plugin, which allows restoring and re-creating miniatures for your uploaded images. It is going to be especially in use if you changed settings of your miniatures sizes  for your theme recently.

There are few more WordPress plugins for developers, which do the exact same thing but neither of them is as popular as Regenerate Thumbnails (more than a million of downloads). Thus, if you are looking for a plugin with such functions, this plugin is for you!

  1. Log Deprecated Notices

If you, just like many other developers, want to avoid old-fashioned and doubtful ways of code writing, draw your attention to Log Deprecated Notices.

Log Deprecated Notices monitors using unrecommended files, functions and arguments. It also suggests alternative to old-fashioned and put to wrong use functions.

10. RTL Tester

As the term suggests, RTL Tester will make it to where you are going to be able to test your themes and plugins in RTL mode (right-to-left).

By means of this plugin, you are going to be able to change text direction on your website. Thus, you may view your WordPress themes and plugins with a text direction from right-to-left. It will help you to make sure that everything is all right.


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